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Annual report 2023

Annual report

The University of Austin’s annual report keeps its generous supporters apprised of the university’s incredible progress and encourages others to join our fearless pursuit of truth in higher education.

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In the meantime, the University of Austin still has much work to do, including:

Raising the remaining $4 million of our $12 million goal to fully-fund four-year tuition scholarships for our inaugural class of 100 students.

Recruiting 12 more world-class faculty members and scholars to teach our innovative undergraduate curriculum.

Supporting our vital institutes and programs: 

Thousands of you have rallied behind our vision, contributing nearly $200 million to date, and your impact has been profound: You are not simply helping to found the University of Austin, but forging the next generation of American founders.

Our momentum is fueled by your generosity.

Please join us in renewing or increasing your support today! Every gift, regardless of size, makes a crucial difference and provides direct assistance to our first year as an operating university.

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