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Your investments can realize their fullest potential when you contribute stock to UATX. It’s not simply a donation—it’s a smart financial strategy.

How to give

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Provide our details

Share UATX’s brokerage account information with your broker.

Transfer shares directly to UATX’s account at Morgan Stanley: Account Number 269-074340-314; DTC Number 0015.

For any questions, please contact The Welch Group of Morgan Stanley:

Initiate the transfer

Reach out to your brokerage firm to initiate a transfer of shares.

Let us know

We want to be able to acknowledge and allocate your gift appropriately.

Have your broker inform UATX by email to when the transfer has taken place.

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Why donate stock?

Gifts of stock and other types of appreciated assets hold several key advantages:

Tax efficiency

Not only would you receive a charitable tax deduction for the stock's market value, as you would with a cash donation, but by donating appreciated stock held longer than one year, you can also bypass capital gains tax on those shares.

Maximized giving impact

Donating stock can enable you to give more without it costing you more. This tax savings allows for a larger amount to go directly to UATX rather than the government, which increases your charitable impact.


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Did you know that you can also donate privately held business interests to UATX? These can potentially offer the above and greater advantages, especially if donated before a sale or another liquidity event takes place.

Ready to make a lasting difference?

Contact us! Our team is here to speak with you and assist with each step in this process.

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Kéyah Doering
Development Operations and Production Manager.
(737) 359-0535

As UATX sprints towards our Fall 2024 opening, your generosity plays a crucial role in funding the programs and scholarships that promise to transform higher education. Thank you for investing in the founding of UATX.

UATX is not a legal, tax or financial advisor. Please consult with your personal advisors before making a gift.