June 18, 2024

Future of Research Summit to Reboot Innovation Pipeline

UATX & DraperU to connect VCs, scientists to rejuvenate R&D

Future of Research Summit to Reboot Innovation Pipeline

June 18, 2024, SAN MATEO, CA – The University of Austin will venture into the heart of Silicon Valley on June 25 to bring together academics with investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs at the 2024 Future of Research Summit co-sponsored with Draper University.

The Summit will explore the pivotal role academic research institutions once played in innovation and how new institutions of higher education will create new models for applied research, bringing ideas from the lab to the marketplace.

The Summit will bring together venture capitalists with academic and private sector researchers, with presentations from UATX Chief Innovation Officer Keri Waters, Dean of STEM David Ruth, Professor of Bioastronautics Dr. Eliah Overbey and Draper University founder Tim Draper, among others.

“New institutions are needed to overcome the complacency and ennui that too often hinders research and development. We are thrilled to partner with Draper U to pioneer the next wave of life-changing research breakthroughs that will drive the future,"

Keri Waters said.

When: Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Where: Hero City, San Mateo, CA

Attendance for the closed-door event is limited. Guests can register for the summit here. To schedule an interview with organizers, contact Maggie Kelly at


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Applications Are Being Accepted

UATX has a rolling admissions process and is accepting applications to join the first class of 100 Founding Scholars, each of whom will receive full scholarships for all four years of college. These scholarships cover the full cost of undergraduate tuition, a value of approximately $130,000. Exceptional high school seniors who have what it takes to join UATX’s intrepid founding class are encouraged to apply.


Draper University is an immersive entrepreneurship institution founded by venture capitalist Tim Draper. The University offers a combination of in-person residential and online fellowship programs designed to accelerate pre-seed startup founders. With the aim to connect international startup ecosystems, Draper University has always worked towards building bridges between these ecosystems and Silicon Valley. DraperU invests up to $100,000 through its fund focused on emerging tech.


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