2021 - Present




May 2021

Niall Ferguson, Pano Kanelos, Joe Lonsdale, Bari Weiss and others meet in Austin, Texas. The idea of UATX is conceived.

November 2021

UATX goes public on November 8, receiving over a thousand inquiries from students, parents, and professors within 24 hours.



April 2022

Leading minds gather at UATX’s First Principles Summit to discuss the fearless pursuit of truth.

May 2022

UATX hires four academic directors.

Jacob Howland, David Ruth, Charles W. Calomiris and Patrick Gray begin building UATX's Academic Centers.

June 2022

UATX launches the Forbidden Courses.

Students—hailing from institutions like Yale, Princeton, and Stanford—say their experience with UATX is “life-changing.”

November 2022

UATX begins its inaugural Polaris Fellowship program.

Fellows include a former diplomat, a fintech startup first-hire/Princeton dropout, an Air Force Special Operations commander, and an acclaimed cellist. Learn More →

December 2022

UATX submits its application for state certification to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The accreditation process is initiated.


April 2023

UATX hosts its second First Principles Summit.

Academics and public thinkers meet to discuss UATX’s mission and governance documents. Learn More →

June 2023

UATX hosts its first-ever high school program and second Forbidden Courses.

UATX receives high school juniors and seniors for three days of college-level instruction. Learn More →

UATX conducts its second Forbidden Courses summer program featuring Bari Weiss, Michael Shellenberger, Dorian Abbot, Joe Lonsdale, Marc Andreessen, Walter Russell Mead, Glenn Loury, and countless others. Learn More →

July 2023

UATX and Civitas Institute (UT-Austin) partner to present a graduate symposium on “Reason in Crisis.”

Through intensive study of foundational texts, students study the Enlightenment’s theoretical framework as it emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries. Learn More →

August 2023

UATX hosts a second high school program in San Francisco.

UATX welcomes high school students with courses ranging from data science and mathematical concepts to American political thought and the nature of justice. Learn More →

October 2023

Applications open for the University of Austin's first-ever undergraduate degree program.

The University of Austin is authorized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to offer undergraduate degrees.

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Fall 2024

The University of Austin will welcome its first undergraduates to campus.

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