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Congratulations and welcome to the Class of 2028! Here at the University of Austin, we are dedicated not only to the fearless pursuit of truth, but also to ensuring that your transition to university life goes smoothly.

In these pages, you’ll find information about student life at UATX. You’ll also be asked to provide us with information about yourself to help us better serve our founding class. There are important deadlines, so please review all information carefully. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to

*Please note that information found in this portal is subject to change.

profile informatioN

1 aug 2024

To make sure we have the latest and most accurate information on file, please complete the Student Portal: Profile Information form below. Please note that student portal forms cannot be accessed and submitted until you receive a University email address. If you have not received a separate email with instructions about how to set up your email address, please reach out to the Polaris Center at

Health & Medical

Student health and wellbeing is of great importance to the University of Austin. We have worked to ensure that students have access to the best possible health and support services throughout their time with us in Austin.


1 aug 2024
This summer, you will receive your first student bill. The full balance must be timely paid, or a University-approved payment plan needs to be in place, before you will be able to register for classes.

More information is forthcoming, but for now, please expect to receive your bill some time in early or mid-July with payment due early to mid-August. You will be able to apply your scholarships (including the Founders Scholarship) and any other financial aid awards in satisfaction of billed expenses, as applicable.

Official Transcripts

1 aug 2024

Submit your final official transcripts

All admitted students are required to submit final, official transcripts showing (i) all completed coursework, (ii) final grades received through your final year of high school, and (iii) your high school graduation date.

Request one official transcript from each secondary (e.g., high school) and post-secondary (e.g., college) institution you have ever attended, regardless of length of attendance. It is your responsibility to contact each institution to request that transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions by the deadline. Scanned copies of transcripts uploaded with your online application are not considered official.

The University reserves the right to withdraw your offer of admission for various reasons, including:

  • Your final academic records fail to show completion of required courses;
  • You failed to maintain satisfactory scholastic standing in your coursework; or
  • Your offer of admission was based on incomplete or inaccurate information you provided in your application file.

How to Submit Official Transcripts

High schools and school districts have their own protocols for submitting transcripts. The University of Austin accepts transcripts in a variety of ways to accommodate this. Contact your high school to determine which of the following methods should be used to submit your transcript:

Electronic submission

Official transcripts may be sent electronically through Parchment (formerly Naviance). When sending an electronic transcript, please select the University of Austin as the destination.

By mail

Official transcripts may be mailed to the Office of Admissions at:

University of Austin, Office of Admissions
522 Congress Ave, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78701


If your official high school transcript cannot be sent electronically or by mail, a school official may email transcripts to The sender’s email address must be associated with the sending institution. Transcripts sent from Gmail, Yahoo or other generic email providers will not be accepted. Note, this option cannot be used to submit college transcripts.

Home-Schooled and GED Students

If you were home-schooled, submit a transcript that contains the following:

  • High school graduation date
  • Cumulative GPA and GPA by grade level or semester
  • Course titles for coursework taken at each grade level or semester, as appropriate, with a grade for each course
  • Very brief course descriptions for each course
  • Indication of any completed college (e.g. dual enrollment) or co-op coursework
  • Signature of a school official/education administrator, defined as the adult person who was primarily responsible for your education.

If you earned a GED, submit your high school transcript(s) showing any coursework completed along with a copy of the GED certificate.

Additional Guidelines about Transcripts

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is –

  • An original or an attested photocopy of a transcript with a fresh school stamp or seal and the institution’s authorizing signature. If mailed, official transcript(s) must be in a sealed school envelope from the school.
  • An electronic transcript, accepted as official only if it is sent through Parchment (formerly Naviance). When sending an electronic transcript, select the University of Austin as the destination.
  • Do not send transcripts by email, unless it is impossible to otherwise submit your official transcript and you meet the requirements detailed above. Transcripts sent by email that do not meet these requirements will not be considered official.
What should my transcript record include?

Each academic record must list the –

  • Dates you attended the institution, including your graduation date (if applicable)
  • Titles of courses you completed
  • Grades (marks) you received
  • Credit hours or units earned
What if my transcripts are not in English?

All transcripts must be accompanied by an official English translation in the same format as the original(s).  To be official, the translations must be stamped as official by the school or be certified as accurate by a certified translator.

What if I attended school(s) outside of the U.S.?

If you attended school outside of the U.S., send a transcript from each high school attended, even if your current school has posted foreign transferred coursework on their own transcript.

How long will it take to process my official transcript?

Once your transcript has been submitted, please allow 1-3 weeks for our office to process your official transcripts.

move-in day

15 JUNE 2024
We are excited to welcome you to your new home at the University of Austin and your beautiful, brand new apartment at Union on 24th.

The Official UATX Move-In Day is Sunday, September 1, 2024. All students should move in on this day and will be assigned a specified check-in and unloading time. Move-in times will be assigned by August 1. Please stick to this exact move-in time.

To help with scheduling move-in times, the Admissions Office will reach out to get details of when you and your family/moving crew expect to arrive in Austin. If you are unable to move-in during your assigned move-in time, please reach out to to coordinate.

If you haven’t submitted this information already, you may submit your expected arrival time through the Move-In Survey below.

What to Expect on Move-In Day

Excitement, nerves, and lots of activity and fun!  The preparation is over and now it is time to move-in, meet your suitemates and get your student apartment ready to call home.  We are here to help make this process as smooth as possible.

We will have a crew of Greeters (staff, faculty, and RA’s) welcome you. The volunteers will be wearing UATX team t-shirts, so you can easily find them if you have any questions or concerns.

More details will be available soon.

Polaris Retreat

1 aug 2024
Welcome to the University of Austin! We are excited to have you join our community of learners and innovators. To help you get acquainted with the university, faculty, and your fellow classmates, we have prepared the Polaris Retreat—a comprehensive orientation week.

Throughout this week, you will engage in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and activities that will introduce you to the unique learning experiences and ethos at UATX.

Please review the orientation week overview below, and come prepared to actively participate in all the events. We will provide a detailed, daily schedule later this summer. We look forward to meeting you and embarking on this transformative journey together!


Sunday, September 1

Official Move-In Day. If you are unable to move in on this day, please reach out to to coordinate.

Monday, September 2 (Labor Day)

Convocation Ceremony for all students and family. This will conclude by early afternoon, at which time parents and family members should plan to depart so that students may continue with the formal orientation program.

September 2-6

Polaris Retreat (i.e., new student orientation) for students only. Completing the Polaris Retreat is a graduation requirement.

All students must make every effort to be present for the entirety of the Polaris Retreat. Any student who believes they will need to miss any portion of the retreat must reach out to as soon as possible.

Monday, September 9

First day of class.


15 JUNE 2024

The University of Austin is thrilled to be partnering with Union on 24th to offer our students brand new, state-of-the-art student apartments. All students will have their own single bedroom and bathroom, within a larger shared living space of either 4 or 10 bedroom suites, as well as the use of a 3 floor community study space, reserved exclusively for UATX students. The building also offers a wide array of additional amenities and various spaces for activities and study, all to support a thriving and healthy residential community.  

If you have not already done so, please submit the Housing Questionnaire by June 15. Housing assignments and additional documents will be sent out later this summer.

*Please note that the building is still getting its final touches, so will remain as a construction site until midsummer. Please reach out to with questions.


15 JUNE 2024
At UATX we pride ourselves on an environment of conversation, community, and connection–inside and outside the classroom.

All student housing will have complete kitchen facilities for students who want to cook their own meals. Wednesday nights will offer catered community dinners after our speaker series. We will not have a UATX cafeteria for Academic Year 2024-2025, but the Polaris Center team is developing a few options to make community dining easier during the week. We'll provide more details on community dining by July 15.

We are confident our meal plan will further promote connection and conversation among the students, faculty, and staff as they come together to share food and ideas.

campus security

15 JUNE 2024
The University of Austin takes your safety very seriously.  We have partnered with the Austin Police Department, the Downtown Austin Alliance, Block by Block, and Watchmen Security to help ensure that our students, staff, and faculty are safe, both on and near campus.

Our Scarbrough Building campus is access-controlled, and we will have on-premise UATX Security before, during, and after hours. Student, Employee, and Visitor IDs are checked upon entry. Our student housing partner- The Union on 24th- also has on-premises security, and access-controlled floors, suites, and rooms.

Additionally, the University of Austin employs AlertMedia for our own app-based emergency alert and response system to notify students in the event of an emergency, including weather emergencies.

Procedures for On-Campus Emergencies

  • If someone appears seriously injured, call 911 immediately. Then alert the most senior staff/faculty member onsite to the situation.  That senior employee will help manage the situation.
  • If the extent of a person's injury is unknown, alert the most senior staff/faculty member onsite to the situation.  That senior employee will then help manage the situation.
  • In the event of a tornado, hail, or other high-wind natural disaster, move away from windows, and towards or into the stairwells at the rear (south side) of the building, and shelter in-place until the all-clear is sounded.
  • In the event of flash-flooding, remain on the 3rd floor of the building, and avoid driving during the flooding.  Use caution when walking to bus stops, and contact CapMetro via its phone app to ensure that busses are running prior to exiting the building.

If violence is taking place inside or outside the building, seek safety, then alert the UATX Security Staff via your AlertMedia app.  The stairs are an effective emergency escape route.  There are stairs just outside the elevator, and at the rear of the building.


Call 911.


Students will partake in an onboarding session for the AlertMedia App during orientation. This app will notify students of emergencies and allow them to quickly and safely contact UATX Security in emergency situations.

Vehicles & Transportation

15 JUNE 2024
Students are allowed to have a car, but will need to purchase a parking permit for an additional cost with Union on 24th if they intend to park a car at their residence.

There is no parking at the University’s Scarbrough campus, and parking is extremely limited in downtown Austin, consisting mainly of public parking garages or street parking. Students are strongly encouraged to walk or take the bus instead. Bikes are allowed and there will be storage available both at the residence (Union on 24th) and near campus.

More information about additional transportation options will be available later this summer.

Student Activities & Clubs

15 JUNE 2024
The University of Austin is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and healthy student community and student life experience.

As we speak, we are busy building a wide array of activities, clubs, and athletic offerings to help promote our students’ well-being in and beyond the classroom. We are most excited, however, to see what they will create and bring with them, with our help and resources, once they get to campus.

Every aspect of the University is based first and foremost on the student experience, and we want student voices to be an integral part of the founding clubs, activities, and athletics which will soon become part of the history and traditions of the University.

Class registration

date to go here
You will receive detailed information on class registration later this summer.

All class registration will be done through the Student Portal. Here, you will be able to view course information, course descriptions, class offerings, and required books/materials by clicking on the class in which you wish to enroll.

You will be all set for the Fall 2024 term after adding classes to your schedule and receiving approval from the university.

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