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The University of Austin is proud to announce the Founders Scholarship program, available to the Fall 2024 incoming class. Each member of the class will receive a scholarship worth approximately $130,000 covering the full cost of undergraduate tuition for four years, subject to terms and conditions.

Recognizing Excellence

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Founders Scholarships are offered on a competitive basis to those students who show they have what it takes to step forward and meet the challenges of both the University's innovative curriculum and the rapidly-changing world around them. The students of our first entering class exemplify the University’s guiding entrepreneurial spirit.

Founders Scholars will be engaged with faculty and staff to build the student organizations, institutions and governance for an elite new university. Each Scholar will be expected to take a leadership role in constructing a rich student life community at the University while building traditions and culture for generations of students to come.

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Terms and Conditions

The Founders Scholarship program funds scholarships only for students attending the University of Austin who enroll in Fall 2024. The scholarship award can only be used to pay undergraduate tuition here.

Students applying to the University of Austin will automatically be considered for a Founders Scholarship upon submitting their application. Students offered admission to the University will be awarded a Founders Scholarship together with their offer letter. Admitted students must accept their offer and pay the non-refundable enrollment deposit by the Candidate Reply Date in order to hold their seat and claim their Founders Scholarship. Admitted students who fail to accept their offer by the Candidate Reply Date shall have their offer revoked and forfeit the Founders Scholarship award.

Founders Scholarships cannot be carried over to a future academic year if a student chooses to defer their offer of admission. Any student deferring enrollment forgoes any financial aid (whether Founders Scholarship, loans, grants, academic or merit scholarships, or otherwise) awarded to such student and will need to re-apply for such financial aid at a future date. If a student withdraws from the University or transfers to another institution, any amounts outstanding under the Founders Scholarship award shall be forfeited.