Office of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Training students to take hold of the agency needed to shape their own path and contribute to a thriving republic

Who we are

The Office of Entrepreneurship & Leadership (OEL) equips students with the entrepreneurial spirit and practical skills necessary to become changemakers in any arena – whether building innovative businesses, crafting impactful policies, or enriching our cultural landscape.
Few college students graduate with a full realization of the personal agency that comes through living in a country like ours. OEL utilizes strategic partnerships and exclusive hands-on training initiatives to ensure students make full use of their freedoms.

This is how we at UATX are rekindling American exceptionalism: by empowering the next generation to be not just consumers, but creators; not just followers, but leaders.

WHAT we do


OEL is proud to foster UATX’s partnership with Capital Factory. This partnership connects students and faculty to the largest network of entrepreneurs in Texas, provides students with extensive mentorship opportunities, and gives UATX access to the startup ecosystem and events.

Through Capital Factory, OEL will also provide students with inspiration and mentorship for their Polaris Projects; showcase student and faculty achievements; and cultivate a wide variety of entrepreneurial talent within the UATX community.

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OEL houses the UATX Talent Network, a group of hundreds of forward-looking U.S. businesses and entrepreneurs who have proudly agreed to partner with UATX. The Talent Network provides students with intern and collaboration opportunities exclusive to UATX.

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OEL helps students to develop plans for their approved Polaris Projects, find mentors for practical guidance, and connect students with funding opportunities and grants when necessary. OEL support for Polaris Projects is open to all types of projects, including those that are artistic and creative, in order to prepare all students to pave their way financially post-graduation.

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As the incubator for UATX projects, OEL is a proud host of the Austin Union, UATX’s debate society open exclusively to our students and distinguished invitees. Through the Austin Union, OEL hopes to foster in our students the practical skills of civil discourse and the intellectual humility necessary to become civic entrepreneurs who uphold western values.

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