The University of Austin is dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth.

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Constitution of the University of Austin

The University of Austin prepares thoughtful and ethical innovators, builders, leaders, and citizens through fair-minded open inquiry and sustained civil discourse.

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We fearlessly pursue truth

At UATX, we recognize the existence of truth. We seek truth so that we may flourish.

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We champion academic freedom

We believe a university is a place for intellectual exploration and advancement of knowledge. At UATX, students, faculty, and scholars have the right to pursue their academic interests and deliberate freely, without fear of censorship or retribution. 

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We are committed to liberal education

We believe great works are not antiquated relics but guides toward intellectual liberation. Our educational approach seeks to free the mind from ephemeral dogmas and biases, to place before it the fundamental questions of human existence, and to open it to enduring sources of truth and meaning.

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We aspire to innovate

We strive to not only understand the world but also to innovate — to discover creative solutions to vexing challenges.

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We practice wisdom

We believe hard-earned wisdom is a path to living meaningful, fulfilling lives.

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We reward excellence

At UATX, admissions, hiring, and promotions are earned. We believe in measuring achievement on the basis of demonstrated capabilities and potential.

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Upcoming Undergraduate Program

At UATX, we don’t sell credential. We develop potential — providing a genuinely liberal and liberating education at half the cost of elite colleges and universities."
Jacob Howland

Fall 2024 Undergraduate Program

“Our students will learn the foundations, blessings, and challenges of a free and prosperous society. They will grasp the importance of law, virtue, order, beauty, and the sacred. They will appreciate the distinct vitality of the American form of government and way of life.”

Jacob Howland
Provost and Dean of Intellectual Foundations, UATX

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